Canada, Eh

I took a business trip to Canada last week. Who would have thought I would go to Canada to miss the snowstorm. We got into Great Falls, Montana on Thursday at 10pm, rented a car and drove 3 hours, crossing border. We took so much stuff we had to pay extra for the additional weight on our flight and we had upgrade our rental car to a rental SUV.We arrived at our Lethbridge office at 1:30 in the morning and got all set up for the next day.
After only 4 hours of sleep, we were up and adam to the office for a long days work. It was insanely busy the entire day. There was a never-ending line from 9 am to 7 pm. My manager made me take a lunch and I got to taste some food from some hoser named Tim Horton (It was actually Tim's restuarant where you could get a combo meal of a sandwich and a donut. What could better?). We packed up drove a couple hours to our Calgary office where we set up once again. It was another late night as we didn't even get to the hotel until 12:30 am. Saturday was just like Friday. We worked really hard the whole day and were able to leave the office at 6pm.
Once work was over we went out on the town. We checked out a really cool, expensive store called lululemon and then went out for virgin drinks and chase dinner.
I have to say, I expected Canada to be just like the US, but I was surprised at how many differences I saw. For one thing, they love their Ketchup chips. I also felt like I was in Minnesota half the time because of their accents.
It was an exhausting trip, but I made it back with a full bag of Ketchup chips and a Wonderbar.

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