Between work schedules, church callings, and everything else on our plates, it seems Rob and I seldom see each other any more. Not even on the weekends do we get much time to spend together. So we've been trying to do some fun things when we get a chance. A couple weeks ago we went to see Funny Face. It was an outdoor theater so we put out a blanket and enjoyed the show.
Friday it happened both Rob and I had the day off... together... since we were both scheduled to work Saturday. So we made a day of it. We started with some Golf at Thanksgiving Point. Then we headed up to Cascade Springs for a picnic. We hiked to the Timpanogos Caves and froze on the tour (... at least I did).
We then sped down the mountain so we could get home, shower, and go with the ward to the temple. We did a session then headed over to the bishop's house for dessert.

Sunday was my sister Jennifer's 40th birthday. We drove up to Kamas for a Birthday Brunch with family. We went to church and then had a delicious lunch afterwards. It's always so fun to be with family. And food tastes so much better when Mom's around. Happy Birthday Jen!

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  1. I really wanted to fly back for jen's bday. Oh well. Looks likeit was a nice day.