Too good not to share

I've been listening to my ipod a lot lately! I'm in love with the podcast Stuff You Should Know. Josh and Chuck are magic together. They make me laugh every podcast and I learn a ton about interesting things. If you need something good to listen to try them. You can download them for free on itunes or you can listen on the computer here. I'm also in love with... the album Lenka. One song wasn't enough so I bought the whole album at itunes and haven't been disappointed. Each song is as good as the next. Check her out here.

So.....what did you think?

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  1. nice...Hey, CONGRATS! I totally didn't know you went prego, that is awesome. When are you due? I am super excited for you. How you feeling? Second trimester is the best. If you send your address and tell me your favorite color I will send you something, I am practicing sewing. :)