McEvers Family Reunion

We had our first reunion on my mom's side (at least the only one I can remember). My mom has 3 siblings; one brother who passed away a few years ago, a younger sister, and a little brother. My mom, her sister, and their families were the only ones who could get together... still there were a lot of people. We all met in Roosevelt Friday July 2nd-4th.
The Powells (missing Wade, Logan, and Jonathan)
The Packards (Missing Marily) Everyone

Friday we started with games for the kids. There was a pinata, the sawdust game (money and candy are hidden in the sawdust and the kids dig through to find them)... and
a hula hoop contest.

Later we did the Amazing Race, McEvers style. Rob and I were actually on the committee who planned this activity. It was a lot of fun. I kind of wish we could have raced it, but we still had fun helping out.Rob and I helped at the 'Chicken Launch and Dice Roll' leg. Here one person had to launch rubber chickens, while the other tried to catch them in... over-sized hooped clown pants.
Or team members could roll over-sized dice for a sum of seven, 5x's.

Leg 3: team members had to travel to the library to find 1 of 3 books.
Leg 4: team members had to eat half a dozen doughnuts.
Leg 5: team members had to knock over 10 water bottles via a paintball gun.
Leg 6: team member had to find a specific phrase in a hymn book.
Leg 7: team members had to count the number of gravestones in the cemetery or find a specific name.
Leg 8: team members had to tie a box filled with ping pong balls around their waist and without their hands had to shake all the balls out of the box. (We have some crazy video of this one, but it's going in our amazing race movie and is top secret right now. So Rob and I demonstrated)

Leg 9: team members had to put together a 100 piece puzzle.Leg 10: Race to the finish line.
Kimberly and Sara were our winners and won 2 bottles of Shackly Shampoo (you'd have to be in this family to understand the significance of the prize). Here Rob is with Cameron's little guy Andrew Saturday morning a group of us ran the Neola 5K.
After we went to the Neola Parade. That night we watched fireworks.
Sunday we spent time with Rob's family in Evanston, WY. It felt like we were in a war zone with the amount of fireworks going off all afternoon. That evening we celebrated America's independence by blowing up a piece of it.
Monday most of the Powell family went to Kamas. We watched the Oakley parade, then went to the kid's rodeo and that night went to the professional rodeo in Oakley.


  1. So glad you posted these pics. We should have come!!

  2. When you near the due date you're going to wish you had those clown pants to wear around cause nothing else will fit. I think I wore pj's pretty much everyday near the end. You look great! And congrats on running a 5k!

  3. Thanks for posting pictures, Heather. We had so much fun with you guys! And congrats about having a girl! That's so exciting!

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  5. I would love to know how to make the clown pants

    1. Alise, I didn't make the pants so I don't know. But I think a hula hoop was used as the waist band.

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