39 Weeks

Here's the belly with 1 week to go. I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm getting closer. I've dilated a bit more... almost 3cm. She also said I have a really favorable cervix... what ever that means, but although that's a good thing she mentioned that my pelvic bone sits really low and that could be a problem. A C-section might be necessary if she can get her head out. I really hope we don't have to resort to that, but whatever we need to do to get her here we'll do.

We're so excited and can hardly wait for her to come. And once she's here I won't be pregnant anymore! Yay. After 9 months it's hard to remember what it was like not to be with child. I'm looking forward to seeing the scale go down, breathing normal, regular sized ankles and feet, no more heartburn, acne, waddling around... you know... every unfortunate side effect that comes with pregnancy. But I know that the end result is very worth 9 months of pregnancy.


  1. good luck with everything!! i'm so excited to see your little cute lady:)

  2. So exciting...we will miss you on Thanksgiving but can't wait to see that cute baby!!

  3. SO CLOSE!! (Admittedly, I'm a little jealous and don't want to think about enduring this for 5 more weeks...)

    I remember with Clara having a hard time imagining having my normal body back. Then I had a hard time imagining being big with child again. Now I'm back to step one. :)

  4. Sister! You are so CUTE! Almost there! And C sections aren't all bad so don't beat yourself up too badly if you end up with one. It's better than poop on the delivery table (I always say!) 8-)