Borderline Hoarders

Heather and I have been watching a show on Netflix called Hoarders, where people have addictions of hoarding everything from beer bottles to scrap metal. Our apartment over the years, has become smaller and smaller because of our borderline hoarding addiction. The remedy to overcome this addiction is getting rid of it. So late Friday night, Heather came up with the idea of having a garage sale to make way for the baby (she must be "nesting"). When ideas like that happen, somehow I get pulled into it. So we made a bunch of signs and woke up early in the morning on my only day to sleep in to plaster them all over Orem. We had a bunch of people come so the signs must have worked. It was sad to see our glass table get sold since it was one of the big furniture items that we bought together before we were even married. But it needed to go. Luckily, the expected rain didn't come till the late afternoon so we sold about half of the things we put out. DI got the rest.

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