Good Golly Miss Molly

Molly Xarissa Williams was born on November 30, 2010 at 2:12 pm weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces, measuring 20 and 1/2 inches at Timpanogos Regional Hospital. Nurse Deb induced Heather at 7 am. An hour later, Dr. Shelly Savage broke Heather's water, after which Heather had very strong and painful contractions. Since Molly was five days late (a pattern of tardiness that hopefully ends there), Dr. Savage said Heather could have the epidural whenever she wanted it. After a couple hours of contractions and Molly kicking and punching Heather's uterus like a speed bag, Heather had enough. The epidural was a welcome relief and for all those thinking of getting one when their child is born, Heather definitely recommends it. When Heather was induced, she was dilated to 3 cm. An hour after the epidural, she was at 5 1/2 cm. Molly really wanted to see Mom and Dad, so after another hour Heather measured at 10 cm and Molly started coming. Nurse Deb called Dr. Savage, who didn't expect to deliver her till later that night. After the call to the doctor, Molly's heart rate dropped suddenly, and we had about five nurses looking at monitors and turning over Heather from side to side. Molly's heartrate returned to normal and one of the nurses thought that she was lying directly on the umbilical cord, which caused the murmur. At 1:12 pm, Heather started pushing. Dr. Savage said that during your first delivery, it takes about two to three hours of pushing to get baby out. But due to Heather's strong abdominals and buttocks from her biweekly aerobics class (she even went this last Monday four days after her due date), she popped out Molly in an hour flat. Amniotic fluid hit Nurse Deb in the face as Molly came into the world and some of the other nurses laughed. Luckily, Dad had a strong stomach and didn't get queasy at all. He even snipped the umbilical cord. After Heather held Molly for a couple seconds, the nurses whisked Molly and Dad away to do some additional evaluations because of a slight problem with her breathing. When she was born, she didn't cry like a banshee, which was a little bit of concern for the doctor. Evidenced by this video, she cried more like a lamb.

After her breathing became normal and her temperature came up, Molly got to spend some quality time with Mom, who had to wait a couple hours to see her baby. Both Mom and Dad were a little worried she wasn't going to be a cute newborn, but our fears were assuaged when we saw her. We are so happy that she's here and really excited about our little family.


  1. Oh my goodness! She is adorable. So your delivery story, many similarities! The whole baby heart rate plummets and five nurses rush in. SCARIEST thing ever. I was terrified. I cried after...I couldn't help it. Linc also had a low temperature and he had heart issues rather than lungs...Yikes. However, Dr. Savage was fabulous, I've decided I love her. I hope you're doing well! Talk to you soon :)

  2. Congratulations, Heather and Rob! Molly is so gorgeous! I love the pictures.

  3. Congrats you cute family!! She is a beautiful baby!! I loved reading your story. Dr. Savage delivered our first 3 babies and we miss her more than anything as our doctor!! We LOVE Shelley! Please tell her that we say hi. She will remember us and all of our family. So fun.