Suffering From Bad Gas

When we left for Arizona, I made a list and checked it twice to make sure we had everything for a week of fun in the sun. Shorts, check. Presents, check. Toiletries, check. Molly, check. We left the greatest snow on earth for 75 degree weather, although according to Heather, you should never include great and snow in the same sentence. Heather thought it best to wait a day until the weather had returned to semi-horrible, instead of shut-down-the-freeway horrendous, which it was at the time we left. I decided to press forward saints like the pioneers and ignore her counsel. We started our trek at 10:30 am with the foreboding signs of slushy roads, thick snow clouds and the skid marks of cars sliding off the road. Between Orem and Cedar City, we saw 15-20 cars that had created some of these tire tracks that were waiting for a tow truck. My eyes were fixed on the road due to the warning signs all around of leaving a day too soon. About an hour into our journey, I saw a light out of the corner of my eye. I looked down for a brief second to see what the light was, but I didn't want to look for too long because of the road conditions. In some cars, it is an 'E,' in others it's a gas tank. In ours, it was a round light near our gas gage. They all mean the same thing- get some gas. Heather said a quick prayer that we would make it to a gas station. The scary part of the story is not that we had a newborn in the car, nor that we slid all over the road in the terrible road conditions, but that we didn't know how long the light had been on. We drove for about fifteen minutes on thin ice literally and figuratively hoping for a gas station on the next exit we approached. Finally, we pulled up to the Scipio exit, but the off ramp was blocked with several semis. We waited for another thirty minutes on the exit ramp, for the trucks to clear out so we could get some gas. The trucks finally started moving and we pulled into the gas station knowing that our prayer had been answered. Side note-when you pray, pray specifically. For example, if you happen to be low on gas, pray that you will be able to fill up on gas, not that you will make it to the gas station. Lesson learned the hard way. When we pulled up our car, which had been running on fumes for the last couple of miles, we began to notice that none of the lights were on at the station. No lights means no electricity. No electricity means no power. No power means no gas. Scipio's power shut off at three a.m. the night before due to downed power lines. We were stranded in a town I had never heard of, in weather we didn't want to be in, with a baby who shouldn't be in it. And the worst part is, it was my fault. Well, I had to fix this quick. I said the prayer this time and I wasn't going to leave the details out. Of course, Heavenly Father had to teach me a lesson so he put me in time out. When your putting your kids in time out, the amount of time should be equivalent to their age. If their 3, it should be 3 minutes. 4-years-old - four minutes. When your putting a 30-year-old in time out, the amount is 3 hours. So we waited. Our answered prayer came in the form of a 40-something mechanic, who filled up a small gas can in the next town up to help someone out. We paid him in Heather's homemade chocolates since he wouldn't take cash. So we got out of Scipio at 2:30 p.m. and made our way to the Valley of the Sun, which was instead the Valley of the Moon when we got there at 2 in the morning. Below are some of the things we did in AZ.
A day at the park, which turned out to be a little warmer than I expected. I should have worn shorts.
We had a great time at Danny and Beka's house with Rob's high school friends, even though Molly wanted to go home when we started taking pictures.
We got a ton of awesome presents. Rob's favorite was his new Nixon watch, Heather's was the Magellan GPS, and Molly's was the paper that her presents were wrapped in. Molly was really mad when Dad didn't fill up the car with gas.

Overall it was a great Christmas, even with the lessons learned.


  1. Crazy experience!! Glad you made it safe. Arizons weather sounds amazing right now.

  2. hahahahaha!!! LOVE reading your blog:)- i'm glad you felt our party was THAT important Rob--it was SOO good to see you both and of course sweet Molly- she's such a beautiful little lady.

  3. It's always fun to see you guys.

    I'll have to apologize to Beka for my belly encroaching on her personal space...