It's About ..... Time

Some highlights of my week last week...
  • Spending everyday and night with Molly
  • Aching muscles from Zumba and Power Pump (Rob says "Don't worry, it's not her new breast pump").
  • Visiting my sister in Roosevelt Thurs and Fri
  • Making a pillow from an old sweater. (Can't wait to show you all, but I'm still putting the finishing touches on it).
  • My Dad's 70th Birthday Party. We gave him a list of 70+ things we love about him. It was fun to read the list with the family.
  • Texas Roadhouse. I think I had the best steak ever there and I love their rolls!
  • A long nap with Molly
  • A movie with Rob and Tiffany
  • Pizzeria 7-12
  • I picked up 3 cartons of Dryers ice cream and 3 12-packs of soda, which I got $5 back after using coupons. I love getting paid to shop.
  • Painting my fingernails metallic grey. (I only paint my toenails. This is the first time I've seen color on my fingernails since I was a child).
  • Sacrament. Sunday School and Relief Society were cancelled on Sunday... they said it was because another Stake Center flooded, but somehow it meant we wouldn't miss any of the Superbowl. Hmmmm?
  • Eating dinner and watching the Superbowl with friends


  1. I started a coupon book and try to tell Reed about my sweet deals, he doesn't appreciate how much money I save him. I love deals !!!

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  3. I so want to try metallic grey nail polish! What a busy week you had and somehow life always feels busy with a baby...