Once Upon a Time, They Lived Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a beautiful prince and a handsome princess. For the prince's thirtieth birthday, the princess wanted to throw a huge ball ---- really hard at the prince, but instead she whipped up a little riddle. The prince normally likes to open his booty early, and the princess normally likes him to open up his booty on the appointed day of birth. So the prince predicted precarious underpinnings when the princess presented the present precisely a period predating his appointed party. The prince opened the box of treasure a fortnight early, only to find a card with said riddle. The princess obliged him with a quill to solve the letter labyrinth in order to obtain his birthday booty. Through his 30 years of battling wits in contests of intellect, the prince conquered the puzzle easily and found that the fair dame had given him entrance to the Land of Disney.
The prince and the princess picked up a fairy child on the way to the magical kingdom. The fairy child promised them a new carriage if they showed her to the magical kingdom. As shown below, not all "fairy tails" have a happy ending. Here are two young squires with the bad fairy tail, dressed to the nines, actually more like dressed to the fives and sevens. The prince and princess got their carriage for showing the fairy child how to get to the magic kingdom, but the carriage was built for fairies.
Here is the prince with an impostor who was trying to beguile the princess into thinking he was her husband. Although the two look alike, the princess foiled the plot by discerning that her true love had a lot more forehead and a lot less muscles than the impostor. To get back the fairy child for deceiving them, the prince and princess gave the fairy a magical elixir and binky. The fairy child would sleep as long as she wasn't waken by a kiss from the prince's sandpaper beard. The prince and the princess ended their magical journey to the Land of Disney by seeing a magician's show called World of Color. It was a perfect way end a magical trip and they lived happily ever after.


  1. What a fun birthday present.

    PS If you figure out how to get that poop stain out of the white, please share. :)