If You Want to Destroy My Sweater

I took this old sweater from my closet, that I was about to give to the DI, and made.... this cute pillow.
The beautiful chair belongs to my sister Tiffany. She reupholstered it herself. You've got to check out the before and after photos on her blog!
P.S. Happy Birthday Tiffany


  1. Heather you have such cute taste and a cute baby:)- i liked your sweater, but its so cute as a pillow too!! very crafty you are

  2. Love it! So clever. And you look awesome by the way. Didn't you just have a baby?! I didn't look ANYWHERE like that after I had a baby…or three. 8-)

  3. ooook that is the most creative idea ever! It looks like the pillow i just bought from pottery barn that I love love love. Oh brother, I should have thought about my sweater i could have made into a pillow instead of going out and buying it! ha. I'm Not that creative I guess?! So cute!