La Mesa

I made a table! I really did. I went to the hardware store and picked out wood. I wanted it to look a bit chunky so I got the wood two inches thick. I sanded it. Screwed it together and stained it.

It didn't quite turn out the way I was thinking in my head. Especially the stain. The wood was supposed to look more like driftwood, but hey I figure I can enjoy this for a bit and then I'll just sand it down again and try out a different color later. We're still working on finding chairs for the table. Any suggestions? I'm thinking black wooden ones...?
For those who want to see where I got my inspiration go here. I really love this blog.


  1. Seriously?? That's impressive. You are intimidating.

  2. That's great Heather. So if your looking for chairs, you could make your own too. I love Ana White's blog at

    She has really great instructions!!