Movin' On Up to the West Side

With gas prices going up, and the number of lanes on I-15 going down, we've decided to move to West Jordan. That's right. We're movin' on up... but only in direction and rent. We've really loved our apartment in Orem and more so, the friends that we've made. To tie a bow on our time in Orem, the ward realized that they couldn't function without us. So they are dissolving our ward next week. They said it was because they wanted to consolidate the married student wards, but we know the truth. Here's a picture of the BYU 98th ward Relief Society presidency in their final days. Heather is really going to miss these girls!

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  1. good luck with thte move. wish i was n sweden for easter. your pictures looked amazing. and of course, the molly is so cute.