What I Like About You

Molly is just past 4 months now! We can't believe how fast she's grown. She's super smiley... especially with her mom... and we just can't get enough of her. She's developed an iron grip and loves to get a hold of Mom's hair. She also likes the feeling of Mom's hair and likes to play with it when she's nursing. She's starting to giggle when she's tickled. She loves to stand and is always stretching out her legs. She likes to babble, really loud. She likes to go out in her stroller and loves having Mom carry her on her hip... everywhere. Molly used to sleep through the night, but she's decided she wants chunky legs so she likes a 3 a.m. snack. She doesn't like when Mom leaves and has decided to develop her lungs with Dad. She likes to trill her lips/spit like Mr. Ed and she loves to cover her eyes with her hands when she sleeps.


  1. Ok, it's official. I am driving up there and stealing this little girl. I want her! She is so cute! Really, I am leaving right now!

  2. She is getting so big! Getting me excited to have another little one soon!

  3. HEATHER! I love your photos sooo much! Little M is adorable!