Bustin' a Move

Yep it happened. We moved. 
Last Saturday was the big day. We spent hours packing boxes, rented a 16 footer, and hauled everything out. Good thing we decided to move in Spring and not the middle of winter... oh wait... it couldn't be that nice on a day when the Williams departed. We woke up to a blanket of pearly white snow. April 30th was a day right out of February.
Molly kept herself entertained with Baby Einstein while we, our neighbors, some ward members, and family cleared the place out and cleaned it up. We couldn't have appreciated the help more. Thanks goes out to those who helped. You know who you are.
I went to my BYU aerobics class for the last time (the Wednesday before the move). I was so so sad to say goodbye. I've been a TA there for about 2 yrs and attending since the fall of 2007. Becky, my instructor, is amazing and tiny too. I look and feel like a giant next to her. 
I'll post some pictures of our new place soon. We're still unpacking and getting settled in. It's taken a little more time than we thought with Little Miss Molly as a cute distraction.

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  1. ok i LUV that pic of MOlly at the bottom of this post---she's soooooooo adorable:) i'm jealous anna got to hang out with you guys a couple weeks ago:)

    now that its almost 100 you need to come visit:)