Home Sweet Home

As promised, here are some pictures of our new place. I know some of these photos have horrible lighting! I apologize. It drives me crazy, but the lighting in this place isn't the greatest.
We still have almost all our decorations in a box, I hope we get to them someday soon, but you'll get a pretty good idea about our space.

 Here's Molly's Room. It's pretty blank. I'm excited to decorate (wish I could paint).
 I just love the cradle my uncle made for her.
 We had to put our desk in the dining room, which I hate, but at least we have a place to work. And all you have to do is swivel that chair around and voila...dinner.

If you noticed the unattractive folding chairs... we're still looking for the right dining chairs.


  1. Ok dumb. I guess with all the blogger issues in the last couple days it didn't save my comment. Anyway, I think I said something about all your awesome hobbies and talents! I can tell you are very creative and very good at what you do. Which makes me embarrassed about my lack of hobbies, but I thought of one! I like to read my friend's blogs and get ideas about projects I can do or would like to do someday. Is that a hobby? Probably not. I like to make stuff, but I can't say specifically what kind of stuff. Stuff with scrapbook paper, but not scrapbooking. Ok, I'm done sounding boring. Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend! See you Sunday :)

  2. looks pretty cozy & cute:)!!

    i love that cradle your uncle made tooo----so cute!!

  3. Your place looks fabulous. Comfy. Moving stinks so I hope it doesn't take long to feel settled.

    Cheers, Mindy

  4. Love your cute home! Looks so perfect for your perfect little family!

  5. Hey, thanks for the comments. I was thinking about going to the baby and me storytime thingy they have at the WJ library tomorrow morning at 10:15. I've never been before but thought I'd check it out. Call or text me if you'd like to come 801-735-4219 :)

  6. looks super cozy and cute. LOVE the SLC temple pic. LOVE.