Saturday is a special day

We headed to Temple Square yesterday. It was such a beautiful day. The weather was amazing and the flowers were gorgeous, as usual.  I had a photo shoot for the cutest family. They adopted both their little boys, and were recently sealed in the Temple as a family to their youngest son.
You really need to see some of their other photos on my photography blog!
 Aren't they just adorable!
Here's Little Miss Molly enjoying the stroll.
I couldn't help capturing these little chubby chubs.


  1. Such pretty pictures. That one of the temple is beautiful. Of course Molly is cute as can be too, although I think Hazel makes her look thin. Ha ha.

  2. I loved the way the pictures turned out. Thank you so much for taking those for us. You are amazingly talented.

  3. Yay I found it! I can see lots of your hobbies here :) You are VERY talented! Now I feel even more dumb. I'd like to add to my list that I love looking at crafting and decorating blogs (mostly my friend's in particular) but I haven't really made anything because I don't feel like I have the space to display things or store seasonal things. But I love getting the inspiration through my friend's crafting, decorating and photography projects and trying a little. Also, you have the cutest family. We should get together :)