Happy Half Birthday!

Molly is 6 months! Whoa baby. She's growing up too fast. We went to the doctor today for a wellness visit and her stats are as follows...

Weight: 16 lbs. 8 ounces (65%)
Height: 25.5 in. (50%)
Head Circumference: 16.5 in. (50%)

Molly has been nursing and within the past month has been given a few bowls of rice cereal. She has mastered passing toys from one hand to the other and loves shaking her head back and forth. She's learning how to make her parents laugh. The other day, while nursing, she latched on funny and it made Rob and I laugh. This caught Molly off guard and she quickly pulled away to watch our reactions. She did the same thing again and pulled away to watch us laugh. Then she full on teased us doing the same thing for over a minute and we just couldn't stop laughing. She thought she was pretty clever... and so did we.
I love that you can see my sister laughing in those sunglasses


  1. Happy Half Birthday Molly! She is too cute. I'm glad you had a good trip too. Congratulations to your parents on their mission call.

  2. Time flies!

    Can you e-mail me your new address? princessajm at hotmail dot com. I e-mailed Rob but I know he said he doesn't check that hotmail account much anymore. Thanks!

  3. she gets cuter & cuter!!! that pic of her & rob is adorable:) kids are so cute when they tease at such a young age- Owen started early too- he luvs getting a reaction- it cracks me up:)