June Bug Bites

Okay, I'll admit that we have slacked a little lot on the blog as of late.
 So here's a little catch up in no particular order (since I really can't remember the order of when everything happened anyway.)

Wanna turn heads? Make waves..or splashes like Molly. That's right Molly's took a dip... actually two dips in the pool in the past couple weeks. She's a brave soul and even tried going completely under.

 I recently went to a relief society activity where we talked about gardening. I'm no green thumb. Actually, I've killed every plant I've owned. But I've always liked the idea of pot gardening so I'm starting with herbs. Let's see if I can get the cilantro, basil, and green onions above dirt. It's not looking promising since my friend, who is growing the same herbs, already has sprouts in her garden.
 What's stressful, time consuming and hard all over? The GMAT prep course Rob just started. It's keeping him pretty busy, which is giving Molly and me a taste of what grad school is going to be like. Not sure I'm ready to loose my husband to homework just yet.

A couple Saturdays ago Maceys was doing a free pancake breakfast. Since it's not in my nature to pass up something free, and not in Rob's nature to pass up food, we decided to let nature take its course. We showed up 2 hours late and skipped the wait in line. I distinctively remember thinking how fun it was to go as a little family. I love spending time with my two sweeties.

Speaking of food, our ward also threw a BBQ that evening. We traded some S'more bars (remember these) for hamburgers, hot dogs, and some yummy sides.

 I did just get my hair cut, but this mess was not from getting my hair done. This is the amount of hair I've been losing just taking a shower. Actually, I've lost more since I can't catch every hair before it's on the way to clog the drain. It's been steady since month 3 postpartum. I'm hoping the hair loss slows down soon. Molly and I are sick of finding Mama's hair between our toes and everywhere else we go. (I hope nobody loses their lunch from this picture; and if you do, sorry in advance.)

Last Saturday, Molly did her first 5K fun run walk with us and our stake on the Jordan River walkway. And of course there was another free pancake breakfast to follow. And you all know how we feel about free food. Wink wink.
BTW the Jordan River walkway is preddy pretty. We enjoyed seeing all the blooming trees, the yellow-headed birds, the swaying reeds and the frogs croaking. We may or may not have liked the mosquito swarms. I'm looking forward to more runs walks along this path.

This past weekend Tiffany and Doug came into town to run some errands. Since I can't pass up spending time with my sis, and Rob can't pass up food, we had some delicious food at Lugano's. Molly came with and sat in a high chair for the first time.

This is the way I've been finding Molly just about every time she wakes up. She thinks those balls are so fun and has found a way to get under the bumper to them. She was a little confused (can't you tell?) as to why I thought it was so funny! Who knew yarn balls could be so fun.

Okay, if were talking about getting into things... Molly got to this today. I swear I left for one second and somehow those arms grew longer and she was able to get her hands on this.

 The other night you might have found us cuddling on the couch watching this little ditty. I told Rob earlier that day I was in the mood for an old movie and this is what we saw.

 Molly begged me to paint her cute little toes. And since I'm a mom now, I have to match my little girl right? It was so much fun to match her I almost went out and bought us matching dresses, bows, and maybe thought about going into Target's portrait studio for a matchy match photo shoot. Oh wait we're not in the '80's any longer. I think we'll just stick with the toes.

 Molly is quite the social butterfly. Her favorite people these days are the other little girls in the ward. She can't get enough of them.

Last but not least. Tomorrow we're heading down to Arizona for Rob's sister's wedding. We are so excited for her and of course we love weddings!


  1. Matching toes - so cute.

    The hair. Ugh! I lost hardly any after Clara, but my hair has been coming out like CRAZY with Hazel. I don't have much to lose, so it's a bit sad. Jason, bless his heart, scrapes it off the drain and leaves it for me off to the side in the shower. How fun to hop into the shower and be greeted by a fury little pet.

    Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. oh my i second the hair loss...its a killer...A KILLEr when you get out of the shower and feel like you have lost half your head of hair...only to find MORE when you brush and blow dry it. Don't worry though...it dies down and hair always grows back right?!?! *sigh ooooh the things we go through huh?! ha. worth every bit. Love the bra video...looks like she has a new toy :-)

  3. so so cute- luv the little chubby toes (molly's not yours:)

    sorry about the hair loss- i've heard some people are crazy like that- guess i got lucky (except i've found a few grays already- ick)

    ok, wait- i think Rob's sis is marrying my good friend Autumn's (Peterson, now Prince) brother....i think:) If so, you MUST tell her hello for me -if she comes- she's living in Pennsylvania i think now

    see you guys this weekend hopefully Sat night? i need your email address so i can put you in all the emails going around:) ive just been txting Rob to keep us all in the loop

  4. Love that little swimsuit and hat! She's so cute and so much bigger then when I saw her! aww!

  5. Wow, that's a lot of stuff! Lucy loved going swimming with Molly and Eliza, we'll have to do it again. I love that she moves her bumper to find those yarn balls, how cute! And not to mention, that is a really cute toy. You'll have to show me how you made that! That video is HILARIOUS. I love how she was trying to wear it as a hat. Too cute. You guys are so cute and fun, we should hang out! I hope you have fun at your family wedding :)

  6. Loved that adorable video! She's at such a cute age (every age of hers is cute, though). I lost gobs of hair too, after each kid--I was sure I was going to have to go get some Rogaine, I was losing so much! Luckily, it did stop, but not for a long time! I used to joke and say that I could have saved it and made my own wig--or at least a nice hairpiece. An extra thick braid to wrap around the base of my ponytail . . . :) Cameron wasn't amused though; he thought it was disgusting!

  7. Oh come on… bras aren't just for moms! They make awesome baby toys, sling shots, drinking cups, cereal bowls, eye masks…. I could go on and on!

    Molly's a doll, just love her to death!!!