Memorable Memorial Weekend

This past weekend we went out to Roosevelt to celebrate the graduation of Sara, my niece. We all got together at my sister's house before the ceremony for dinner .
I must be getting old, because I now have two nieces who have graduated from High School. We gave Sara some cute bowls, plates and glasses which Rob later asked who gave her those.  It wasn't long ago that I took Sara's senior pictures. I can't believe how fast her senior year went. She'll be off to Utah State soon studying music.
 While we were with family we took advantage of eager babysitters and went to the Temple in Vernal.

 Later that day we headed out in Doug and Tiffany's boat.
 Doug was the only one getting wet. Maybe we'll get in next time... as long at the water warms up. I'm done with this cold weather.

 I thought this view in black and white was pretty.
 Sunday we headed to my parent's ward to hear their farewell talks. My Mom and Dad have been called to serve at the Family Tree Center in Park City. They'll live at home and take my brother Jon (who has special needs) with them everyday. They've been trying to turn in mission papers for some time, but things just didn't seem to work out for them. Well, it finally did. They both did an excellent job on their talks!
 Oh and we can't forget to mention that my 11 year old niece, Kennedy, crocheted this cute little top for Molly. She didn't even use a pattern. Pretty amazing wouldn't you say?

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