Deck the walls with boughs of Molly

Update on the decor!
 Two and a 1/2 months after our move, we finally started decorating the walls in this place. It's all starting to come together. We're not quite done, but were getting closer to a finished look. (Note: I'm sure you'll recognize most the photos on the wall. All but 3 were taken by Moi. I just can't decorate with anything that doesn't have personal meaning to us.)

Entry way

 Living Room



Molly's Room
 Molly only has a little time left in her cradle. She's getting to the point that she's rolling on her tummy and doesn't have enough room to roll on her back again. I'm also getting worried she's going to pull herself up and fall out... so look out Molly, here comes the crib.

 I'm planning on painting this shelf white sometime soon. I went to get the paint Saturday, but the store had closed 10 minutes earlier. (Booooo Ace Hardware!)

 Molly's been rolling all around the room. The other day we watched her roll right into the closet. We're okay with her playing in the closet, but hope we never see her 'coming out of the closet'. Ha ha ha.


  1. I love all your decorations!! I'm going to have to remember these ideas when I'm decorating my house. LOVE THEM!

  2. sooooo cute:)!! very talented!!

  3. I love your taste. Hazel's room would look like this if I was as cool as you. Do you offer consultations? :)

  4. Lookin' good. So glad you hung your pictures instead of leaning them on the wall behind your chair. When you have a bigger home you can do that. LOVE the yard sale mirror. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Tiff

  5. Replies
    1. I just love your entryway table! Where did you get it?

    2. I just love your entryway table! Where did you get it?