Heads Up 7 Up

Molly's seven months. Here is 7 things Molly is into these days:

She flaps her arms like a bird when she wants to be picked up
She likes to clap her hands and scratch at all textures
She shakes her head, 'No,' like a crazy person
She says ba ba ba, da da da, and other gibberish
She loves to play with paper
She sucks on her toes
She likes to roll around the room


  1. luv the blue shag rug & the cute behind:) she's so adorable- so glad i got to play with her a little in real life...it was as always SOOOOO good to see you guys again.

    the wedding pics are beautiful- you are amazing!!

    can you email me a pic of our group- yours turned out WAY better than mine:)

  2. Baby bums rock.

    It was fun seeing you guys... it made me consider selfishly praying that Rob gets into the MBA program at ASU. :)

    The wedding looks beautiful.

  3. Sorry, I thought I commented on this already. She is so adorable, what fun pictures. Before too long you won't be able to have photo shoots like this ;) I think I might need to do the same.