Oh My It's July

Unlike last year, we spent the 4th of July with just the three of us.
 Have I mentioned that I'm not a big holiday person? Well, for not being a fan of holidays, the 4th is my favorite. This year our holiday was pretty low key. No family, no rodeo, only one piece of candy at the parade, eaten alive by the mosquito's watching the fireworks. Still it was fun to spend time with Rob and Molly. 

Here we are at the West Jordan parade.
 Molly was feeling very patriotic and spent most of her time waving her grand ol' flag.

 We stopped by a carnival in the evening and Rob told me carnivals make him feel depressed. What? I think he's seen 'In America' too many times. Although, I have to admit this carnival was a little depressing. We took off and went to Spaghetti Mama's for dinner instead.


  1. happy 4th!! Molly is so adorable....as if you didnt already know:) why do carnivals make Rob depressed?:) thats funny.

  2. Sorry West Jordan is lame. :) Our Stake float looks pretty cool though! I'm not a parade fan but I plan to go to the Expo Center to see all the floats.