Some like it hot hot hot

All year long I've been complaining about the cold weather. Just as the weather in Utah was a perfect 80 degrees, we leave town for Arizona and the sultry 115 degrees. Anyone who knows me well understands what weather means to me, but we made the sacrifice, even though it was fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot, it was well worth it to see these two tie the knot.
 During the wedding ceremony, I experienced a bit of a miracle. As the sealer began the ceremony, I felt a coughing spell coming on. Of course I wasn't coughing before hand, but just when it could have been the most embarrassing, it started taking over my throat. I said a quick little prayer and it pretty much subsided. I was very grateful I didn't have to steal the show by coughing up a lung right there on the temple floor.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle after the sealing. I rushed out to get my camera to capture the day for Jen and Forrest. Rob and I picked up the cupcakes for the reception, helped cut up toppings for the ice cream bar, transported lanterns, and helped get the reception hall set up by stringing lights and setting up the cupcake tower. It all came together at the last minute and turned out beautifully.

Friday, we couldn't pass up a chance to hang out with a few of Rob's brothers. Of course we chose to do one of our favorite things... eat. We carefully selected a place in Scottsdale, and when I say carefully, I meant we bought a groupon for The Cove. We were not about to leave Arizona without tasting some of the best salmon ever grilled. I swear the salmon swam way downstream, jumped billions of falls and carefully made its way to my plate for me to savor and think about it for days.
 With our tummies full, we headed over to Rob's aunt's house for a family photo shoot. It was very carefully color coordinated and we were Team Green. You'd never guess how hard it was to find something green for a 6 month old. (We ended up getting a size 2T and altering it to fit.) 3 pm in the Arizona summer is just about as hot as Molly looks in this photo.
 I guess you could say we either looked like a bag of skittles or a picture out of The Friend magazine. Here all the grandkids are preparing to strike a pose.

We found quite a relief from the heat after the photo shoot in the backyard pool.
 Then it was down to Mesa for some fish tacos and killer burritos at Mangos. We went for a little stroll after dinner in search of a dessert place. We didn't find what we were looking for, but did find Dairy Queen and couldn't turn down a cool treat.
 Saturday was filled with more swimming and dinner with friends. We wish we lived closer to hang out with all these cool people.
 Molly made a new friend too.
We decided Arizona was too hot and went in search of cooler weather... Utah felt just perfect.


  1. You take beautiful photos. Molly is a beautiful baby. I liked your comments about the grandkids picture... funny. :) I also liked the pic with all my high school friends!!! Special group of people. That is so fun you guys all got together. We love that too when we visit. I checked my blog;) and sure enough I met you at Tyler and Lisa's wedding. Anyways, it is hard to withstand the arizona heat when you live elsewhere and go visit.

  2. Poor Molly looks so hot! I'm so glad you found a pool :) She is too adorable. Sounds like a fun trip. Also, I like the bag of Skittles idea ;)