Spanish Fork in the Road

We didn't go up to Park City this week, but we still had the urge to go garage saleing. So we saw a few when we were out and about. I am worried that we just buy other peoples' stuff at a discounted rate and we end up selling it at our own garage sale later on down the road. Here is some of the stuff we picked up. Not the greatest week for finds.
Molly's latest cuteness update - She crosses her ankles. It sounds so corny, but every time she does something new, we have to post it. Parenthood makes you get excited about funny things - a big poop, clapping hands, rolling over, waving goodbye. And just when you think she understands you when you say, "Kisses," and she leans in for one - you realize, after saying, "Kisses" again and again, that maybe it was just a coincidence.
On Saturday, we went down to Spanish Fork for the Williams' (Extended) Family Reunion. It was fun to see a few of our close cousins and meet some new ones as well. Our common ancestor's name was William Williams - how tragic.
 After the reunion, we went down to the Spanish Fork Pioneer Day Celebration. We walked around the different booths of mother's-looking-to-earn-an-extra-buck. The car show highlighted the celebration with VW retro vans and redneck 4X4 vehicles. 
We ended the day enjoying a BBQ with some friends.
One of the benefits of the new fireworks law that they passed in Utah, is that we got to enjoy really impressive fireworks from the backyard while roasting marshmallows and eating smores.

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  1. i know LUV it when Owen crosses his ankles while eating or sitting---i dunno why its so sweet but chubby feet (baby feet that is) crossed is so stinkin adorable---she def is!