'week' ness

Let's talk about last week. Oh, what a week!
 Sunday: We substitute taught primary two weeks ago and two days ago. They must have really liked us since they called us to be new primary teachers on Sunday.
Monday:We celebrated the 4th, just the three of us. (Has it only been a week?)  
Tuesday: My sister Tiffany came into town. I was hanging all my decorations (Yep it's only taken me two months to do it) that day so she pitched in a hand. We then went to Nordstroms where I got these buties. I can't wait for fall so I can start wearing them.
Wednesday: I finished up hanging more decorations, since I needed to run to the store that day to buy some picture hanging hardware. Don't worry, I've got a post in the works to show you the new look to our home.
My brother Logan and his family also stopped by. Logan just finished up his MBA at Kelly in Indiana. They're moving to Delaware and were in town before the big move. We did a quick photo shoot with my niece and nephews. These kids are so stinking cute!
Go see the rest of their photos here.
Thursday: Molly hung out with her friends at the ward playgroup. She thought the splash-pad in Herriman was pretty fun.

After playing in the sun, we drove to Lehi to visit Molly's Great Grandma Powell.
Rob and I were asked to speak about Pioneers last Sunday so I went to get some info on my own Pioneer ancestors.
We came home to see Rob for dinner and a few minutes before he left for his GMAT prep class. Next it was off to shoot these lovely people. Molly did so good hanging out in her stroller while we were busy setting off an alarm to the building we were at.
Friday: Molly had another playdate... which we forgot to take photos of. She meet some new peeps and we all swam in the pool. It totally wore Molly out and she took a long nap. Long enough for me to write my Sunday talk.
When Rob came home from work we went downtown on a date. Just the three of us. We ate at The Blue Iguana (I keep wanting to like that place, but I'm always disappointed) and headed over to the Church Museum across from Temple Square (no disappointment there).
Saturday: We headed up to Park City with some friends. We meet my parents and yard saled (is that a word?) all morning long. We came home with these treasures. Total out of pocket was less that $9.
(I re-upholstered the stools above. Can't wait to show you all.)
That evening we went to some other friends house for dinner. It was super yummy and fun to hang out with good company.
Rob spent the rest of the night writing his talk for the next day. I prepared the primary lesson we were asked to teach.
 Both went well. My parents came up to listen and watch Molly while we spoke.

This week truly wore us out... as you can see.
You'd be surprised how comfortable our dining room floor is.


  1. What a week. I kind of want to know how you set the building alarm off. :)

  2. Wow! I had no idea you were so busy. Thanks for sharing some of your time with us :)