You Can Go With This Or... You Can Go With That

Remember these bar stool we picked up at a yard sale?
 Well, I'd been on a hunt for bar stools. These were not quite what I was looking for in the begining, but when you can get both for $5 you really can't go wrong. They were decent enough and I knew I could make them a whole lot cuter.
 It was really hard picking out fabric for the seats. Since the fabric was so inexpensive, I picked a few prints I liked and tested each one out.
 Do you notice which fabric's missing?
 That's right, we went with the brown zebra print. I'm not typically an animal print kind of gal, I really wanted to use the blue fabrics, but the blues just didn't look as good in the space.

Cost break down:
Stools: $5
Fabric: $1.50
Total: $6.50 and two new good lookin' stools.


  1. YYYYYEEESSSS! I was hoping I would get on here and see these redone! To my pleasant surprise they are! They look great Heather. Those were a great find. I can't wait to come over and see them.

    Love garage sales!

  2. FABULOUS! I wish you would have bought me some bar stools too:( The zebra stripe is perfect. I need to come see everything

  3. i envy creative thrifty people like you--they look great:)!!!!

  4. This is why you feel busy. :) I've been wanting bar stools for months, but I am not cool like this and can't see potential in things. I love that blue print on the far right, but the zebra turned out great.

  5. That's my Heather!!! Pretty awesome!