8 Ball of Joy

Molly turned 8 months last Saturday
Some of the things she's doing these days are:
Spits when she's upset
Crosses her ankles
Loves to play with and rip paper
She recognizes her name. And turns when you call her
Loves to grab her Daddy's beard and glasses
Rolls all over the place... in and out of rooms...under chairs and tables...from wall to wall
Loves to take baths and go swimming
 Loves to scratch at everything
Loves to eat fruit more than veggies. She's really interested in eating what ever her mom and dad are eating
She scrunches her lips up to her nose when she's eating sometimes (like a bitter beer face)... it's pretty cute
She drinks from a straw
She spits out her pacifier when she knows she's about to nurse
 Molly has graduated from her cradle to a crib
She takes 3-4 naps a day. Her bedtime is 7:30-8pm and she's been sleeping a lot longer at night... that is, if she gets all of her naps in during the day
She likes to fall asleep on her side then roll onto her back
At bedtime Mama sings 'Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus' (a Swedish Christmas song), gives her a pacifier, and swaddles her. As soon as she hears the song she rubs her eyes and protests a little. Once swaddled she calms down, but always breaks her arms free of the blanket.


  1. Those are such precious pictures. She is such a doll. i'm so glad we are friends (oh and molly and eliza too:))

  2. She is so sweet. Beka and I were talking about your family today... how awesome you guys are. :)

  3. cant get enough of her adorable little face:)

    every stage is so fun as they grow up....i've forgotten but remember it with Owen- sweet little babes

  4. She is so darling!!! Where do you get all her headbands?

  5. She seriously is so cute I can't handle it!

  6. She is so sweet, I feel like I haven't seen her forever! I love all the new things she's doing.