Another Year

By the title of my post, you might think that our marriage was getting drab and monotonous, that each year was just another one that Heather and I check off the list to get onto the next, like we were enduring to the end. Nothing could be further from the truth. Last Wednesday we celebrated our 4th anniversary together and our four years together have been wonderful. I think President Hinckley was describing married life when he said that life was like a train ride that has a lot delays, and some rolling fields, with a few thrilling bursts of speed and some great views. We need to thank the Lord for the ride. So far it has been a great ride.
We started our night with a little Curry and Stir Fry at Thai Siam.
 Heather made me trifle, which is my favorite dessert. Heather thought it was a trifle less than the quality of trifle that my mom makes but it was delicious nonetheless.
Above is one of those thrilling bursts of speed.

We ended the night watching Another Year, which was kind of appropriate considering the day. The movie was a little depressing, but well-acted. It was about a couple who always had a positive attitude, yet their friends and family kept dumping their emotional baggage on their doorstep. This is not to say that our friends and family have been dumping their emotional baggage, but I think a positive attitude goes a long way in life.


  1. you guys are great....soooo perfect for each other:) happy anniversary!!! that movie sounds interesting...something i'd like:)

  2. Happy Anniversary! I'm sure glad you found each other. :)

  3. sounds just perfect. you two are pretty cute. happy late anniversary! :-)