We had a busy weekend. We bought a nice '01 Buick Regal from my Grandma. We went golfing.
 My sister and her family stayed with us over the weekend which meant Rob was super happy. He says having family in town is a good excuse to eat out a lot. So we wet our appetites with some Santa Monica Pizza, Buca Di Beppo, and Cold Stone.
We watched a couple of movies... my favorite being Valentin. (If you like foreign films, like me, you'll love this one.)

 I didn't do well with getting any photos of our weekend events, but I did have a photo shoot Saturday afternoon with this little 6 week old cutie.


  1. I love reading your blog. Congrats on the new car. Sadly, I make fun of Curt for wanting to buy a Buick right before we left CO and moved here. It's a little joke, bc I call his new Taurus a Tortoise (he only drives it down the road to work and back) or Black Ice, bc he opened more than once air freshners in it. :) Funny.

    Also, I should go out to eat more often with our company, but I love cooking for them. Curt says I spend too much time in the kitchen when we have company. I'll make it a priority to eat out more next time we have visitors. We should all go out to eat together sometime to hang out? or I would love to cook for you guys too:) Do you have my #?

    You take lovely photos!!

  2. cute mirror--your craftiness/frugalness is amazing!!! and your baby is still so stinking cute with all her new cute headgear:)