Fore Sausage Links, Scrambled Legs and a Big Slice of Humble Pie

When we decided to go out to Roosevelt to spend some time playing golf with Heather's family, I thought it would be a fun day of showing off how much I've improved my game to Heather. In the past couple of months, I've played a couple rounds of golf and hit balls on the driving range a couple times as well. My game was improving, but I still had a big slice (for those who don't know, a slice is where you hit the ball and it veers way right). When we hit the links, my big bad slicing habits returned. The first hole, I hit the ball into the neighbors backyard. We were in a scramble, which is where, on every hit, you take the best ball of your foursome.  Heather got up there after some helpful tips from her Uncle Max and hit the ball straight down the fairway. This would be a long day of Heather taking me to school on the golf course. I would hit the ball a lot farther, but with the slice, they ended up out of bounds most of the time, while her ball would be in the middle of the fairway. I chipped and putted better than I normally do, but for the most part she was the yolk of our scramble.
This hole was really picturesque. It was an island green and one of the few tee shots that I hit straight. Too bad it was straight into the water. Heather hit the green, but her ball rolled off the back of the green into the water as well.
We spent the weekend at Doug and Tiffany's house where Heather savored every bite of food her sister made, Molly had some cousins who played with her while her Dad played Plants vs. Zombies on the IPad (Don't play it. It's addicting.)


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! We are excited to hang on Saturday night:)

  2. Told you Rob -- totally addicting!!!

    I love it that you made the long trek out to no-man's land. That's how we can tell if someone really likes us.

    Come again. SOON!