Lets Lay It All On The Table

Our $2 yard sale table just got a new makeover
 It went from this ugly brown to a soft heirloom white. 
I knew I wanted to do something funky to it, so after a lot of consideration I decided to add a little spunk with a chevron design on top.
 After taping it off, which took longer than I'd like to admit, I painted the chevron stripes a soft sea green.
 I put the bottom shelf back on and viola.
 Cute huh?


  1. Awesome! Love the zig-zag design!

  2. Love it...you are so talented!

  3. So cute! You do amazing things.

  4. So, be honest, are you bored of the chevron design yet?? I ask because I have already painted my table an antique white and want to also do the chevron but I have to live with it and just want your feedback but it is really cute and fun. Would you do any other color? I'm thinking of navy blue or rich purple...