Trouble is a Friend of Mine

Molly just got her first speeding ticket!
 That's right, she was going way too fast for 8 months and learned to sit up, pull herself up, and crawl all within a week of each other. She was then put behind bars for disorderly conduct. She was caught shaking her head no, clapping her hands, and calling the officer 'Dada'.
Once behind bars she didn't like the janitors vacuuming much and decided to hum really loud, play with the cord, and follow the vacuum around. She was given a restraining order and sentenced to 1 hour nap. She decided to skip the nap, loose herself of the swaddle-like blanket grip... 
and whine until she fell asleep.
She did make it out of the slammer with only a few bumps, bruises, and some finger impressions.
If you think she looks bad you should have seen the other baby!
Molly decided she'd rather be doing other things than be behind bars. Like playing with her toys in her room. Opening and shutting her door. Flinging the doorstop and listening to its funny sound. 
 But as time wore on Molly became restless and trouble wasn't far behind. She was found pinning her Daddy down and pulling at his beard hairs,
 pulling out all the DVDs in the entertainment center and
  wrestling with Papa. Takedown, locked, and pinned.
We decided it was time she get some help and took her to the Doctor for a 9 month check up.
The Doctor did all sorts of things.
Weight: 18.5 lbs (50th %)
Length: 27.3 in (50th %)
Head: 16.9in (20ish %)
He gave her 1 Hib shot and flu shot too.
Since treatment, Molly's decided that trouble is no friend of hers.
She said her sorrys and is one haaaappppy baby!


  1. Ha ha. She's got such a cute little face. Hazel just tries to eat the doorstops. Maybe I can convince her that making a noise with it is way more exciting than sucking on it.

  2. poor little Molly...such a doll as always!!!

  3. Too cute! She sure get's around!