10 things to do on Labor Day weekend

1. Eat at Quiznos and walk around Falcon Park
2. Attend the Temple (Don't worry if your recommend expired 3 days earlier, it,only takes 4 phone calls and a babysitter to make it happen)
3. Watch the BYU football game with friends
4. Eat fish tacos, corn on the cob, watermelon and chocolate trifle with said friends
 5. Go swimming with friends, talk about the craziest things you've ever done, and realize you'll never be able to top any of them.
6. Go to church and teach primary. (You'll surely fall in love with the kids!)
7. Visit your parents who are serving a mission in Park City
 8. Hike to Donut Falls

 9. Pick some wild flowers

 10. Eat at Smashburger and only pay $0.44 at the register


  1. So I laughed when I saw the part about talking about the craziest things you've done. I think I was the lamest in that convo. Where is donut falls? It looks pretty and like a place I need to go hiking!

  2. Sounds like a great day. That picture of Molly grabbing the flower is so cute. I've been hearing about Naan bread everywhere lately, I think I need to make some.