Fairly Good

Heather loves fairs. Fairs depress me. Don't get me wrong. The Utah State Fair exceeded my expectations. With that said, my expectations weren't very high. They remind me of pubescent days in high school, where my friends and I had grandiose ideas of getting some girls phone number, with no intention of ever calling her. State Fairs are the In-and-Out Burger of Amusement Parks. Not as bad as some of the nearest strip mall carnivals, but not as well-kept and expensive as Disneyland. Cheap - Good - Fun. Heather disagrees with the "Cheap" part because we paid way too much for a cold gyro, a warm Reuben, and a sticky scone. We did get the tickets for free from Heather's parents, which meant I had no excuse not to go. I found it funny that people paid $10 for parking when we parked closer than most of them for free in a fairly vacant neighborhood, just southeast of the fairgrounds. Another reason fairs depress me is that I find myself realizing I am getting old. I complain about young rascals getting in my way, I enjoy the displays of fine art, common farm animals and photography, and I don't even think about going on any gunny sack rides because of my aching back. I even caught myself saying, "Look at the size of that pumpkin."  Here are a couple pictures of not-so-common farm animals.   

Heather used to raise pigs yearly and sell them at the county fair. She couldn't pass up reminiscing on her childhood chores and taking a couple pics of these beauties.
For those who might find Heather's childhood chores hard to believe here's proof.

 "Wow. Look at the size of that pumpkin."


  1. hahaha:)
    ...and i always loved the over-priced dirty fairs too!!

  2. Rob- this is your best post ever. "young rascals"- awesome. Honest posts are my favorite.

    We did not go. Curt was fair'd out. We already went to two and we don't really like them. Dirty people- people you would never see in Disneyland that's for sure. Expensive, gross, dirty and gross. Don't forget the greasy gross deep friend everything. yuck.

    That's really cool Heather tended to pigs. I get grossed out seeing all the animals up close at the fair. It always make me want to be a vegetarian. . . because we all know where those animals are headed after the fair!!! (especially if those animals don't win ribbons!)

  3. The AZ State Fair is nasty. I went last year because Clara danced there and was reminded why it had been at least a decade since the last time I went... which was probably with you guys in high school.