Nappy Carpet

Usually when I'm tired I like to nap on the bed with a pillow and a blanket. Rob prefers to nap anywhere but the bed with anything nearby to rest his head.
Would you believe this is the 3rd napping spot I found him in during his nap? (He was suppose to be watching Molly, but he thought that by following me and Molly around it might look like he was attempting to watch her.)
 Rob's nap started next to the kitchen, it then moved to just outside the bathroom, and finally to the doorway of closet.

Where's your favorite place to nap?


  1. Jason can (and does) fall asleep anywhere. I'm lucky if I fall asleep in bed within 10 minutes of laying down. I'm also not a napper... unless I'm totally exhausted, they make me feel worse off.

  2. poolside under a pergola. usually around 4 pm when the rays will still keep you warm but not burn you. I have a hard time napping in the house because somehow I start doing dishes or laundry...
    oh, and on a massage table of course :-)

  3. haha- i think thats a "daddy" thing:) A for effort right:)? Molly is just too cute and growing so fast!!!