Paradigm of Mine

I told Rob the other day that there were 3 things I could live without...
1. making dinner
2. going to the bathroom, and
3. visiting teaching (Shh...I'll explain later)
So although I'd like them to go away I'm pretty sure none of them will. I had a small 'ah ha' moment while I was walking to the mail box the other day. I decided that I could dislike these 'activities' or I could just learn to like them. Well I'm still learning, but tonight's dinner wasn't so bad.
We had homemade garlic Naan bread with Yellow Chicken Curry and Jasmine rice.
Since I thought this was a big accomplishment, I was sure to document it with pictures.

We all loved dinner especially Molly. She was very impatient and kept screaming for more.

2. Bathroom? Hmmm... I discovered taking a magazine to the bathroom sure relieves boredom or just leaving the door open to see what Molly's up to is pretty entertaining as well.

3. Now about visiting teaching... yes I am a faithful visiting teacher, but I get all stressed out about it. Doesn't a month roll around too quick or is it just me. And since I go faithfully I tend to get partners that don't go and girls that don't really want me to come so I feel like I shoulder most of the load and that makes it hard. I would actually love love it if my partner wanted to go and the girls wanted to be visited and we could all be great friends. I know it can work that way I've experienced it before. But although it isn't perfect I'll continue to do my best and hope that I will in someway touch someone else's life... and grow myself in the process.

What are three things you could live without?

 P.S. Thanks Maranda for having been a great partner! I'm sad you moved to CO. I think my new partner will be great too.


  1. First, let me just say that Jasmine rice is THE BEST, I love it! I've never really liked rice until just a few months ago when a friend made for me the best tasting rice and black beans I've ever tasted and quite possibly the best you'll ever taste too.

    For the super easy rice recipe: http://serranosavories.blogspot.com/2011/03/how-to-cook-rice.html

    and the black beans recipe: http://serranosavories.blogspot.com/2006/05/not-abuelas-black-beans-and-rice.html

    (this is not my blog, just one I was recently directed to)

    Okay, to answer your question, I, like you, absolutely detest going to the bathroom. I think that is the #1 worst of God's ideas. (watch out for the lightning!) Another thing I could live without, repeating myself. And finally laundry, I can wash and dry all day long, no problem. It is the folding and hanging and putting away that I dislike so much.

  2. mmm. that dinner sounds delicious- jasmine rice is my favorite...ever since my mission to HK!!! the smell alone satisfies me:) you should post that recipe!!! molly sounds like a great eater.

    i TOTALLY understand with the Visit teaching thing....seriously, i've been amazed at how many DONT think its important (doesn't mean they are bad people) so they just don't care and then "we" end up always having to call them to see if they wanna go, schedule a time & not sure if they really want to go...i had one comp who was great, but she only thought we needed to do "in-home" visits like every couple of months or something? i thought that was weird, and maybe i'm WAY off i dunno but i totally agree- a GOOD WILLING partner makes all the difference b/c it IS important!!

    3 things i could live without:

    1-having to blow dry my hair- HATE it, i think b/c i feel like its such a waste of time-
    2-cleaning bathrooms- (love when they are clean but HATE cleaning them)
    3- Ironing..oh wait! i do live without that...Danny irons all his shirts b/c thats one i already refuse to do...all the time..i will occasionally but

    i think i could name a few more too...i liked this post:)

  3. This is funny because I definitely agree with #1 and #3 and I see your point about #2. I was so happy when we were made companions because that meant I wasn't making all the efforts on my own anymore. I'm just so sorry that you have now been handed that entire burden since I left. It's such a unique ward, it's unfortunate that awesome gals like you have to pick up all the slack. I know how it feels. Good luck! Oh, and if you ever find a cure for not wanting to make dinner, let me know! I'll pay a high price for that one.