Viva Las Vegas

I work for CLEARLINK, a sales and marketing company, which focuses on home products like TV, phone, Internet and home security. I've learned a lot about business and about managing people. I love the people that I work with, even though they are a different mix of personalities. We have a professional video gamer that got to go to Japan and compete in a international Street Fighter competition. There several ex-football players, both pro and college and an ex-basketball player. We have introverts, egos and headcases. But most of them are pretty talented.  It is extremely rewarding to accomplish team and individual goals - to teach someone about sales and see their improvement.  CLEARLINK shows their appreciation for their employees really well. Last year and this year they took several of their employees, including me, to Vegas as a token of that appreciation. I don't especially love Vegas, but we were able to do a lot of really fun things that were once in a lifetime opportunities.   

And no, if you are looking at the itinerary - I didn't go to the Lavo Night Club.
This was my shopping experience with Andy Casey, my roommate. We were sure to keep each other in check.

CLEARLINK put us up at the Palazzo which is connected to the Venetian. This is a shot of the restaurant that we ate at. Just below this is the Grand Canal. Above the ceiling is painted to look like it is daytime. We had a four course meal at Zefferinos, which overlooks the Grand Canal.
This is the main lobby at the Palazzo. One of the reps on our team could order anything he wanted for room service because he was the top performer on the team. He said that I could order anything I wanted as well. So I ordered crab legs and shrimp for $40. I have to admit, it was kind of fun.
The Bellagio was pretty incredible. So many cool rooms and vibrant colors. In Las Vegas there is a lot of sleaze, smoke, and spirits. But there are some pretty cool photo ops as well.   

This piece of art is made up completely of flowers. It is really amazing what someone can do with a little creativity.
The picture to the left is just outside the Tao nightclub. Jayzee was supposed to be there the same night I took this. Don't worry, I didn't do any clubbin'.
There were two highlights of the trip. The first was Sushi Samba. This was the best place I've ever eaten. Period. Incredible! I love sushi, but this sushi was decadent. I've never tasted anything so good in my life. Who would have thought raw fish could be soooooo delicious. 
The second highlight was the O Show by Cirque Du Soleil. That curtain was ginormous. When the show started it was pulled to the back of the stage like it had a life of its own and at the end of the show, it fit nicely into a small wicker basket about the size of hot air balloon cart. It then magically comes back onto the stage like nothing happened. The whole show is built on water and there is a huge pool in the middle of the stage where synchronized swimming, daredevil diving and harrowing high wire acts were performed. If I could use one word to describe the O Show - I would say it was magical.  


  1. Shhh, don't tell Jason that there are companies that show their employees appreciation rather than take advantage of them. :)

    The only not awesome thing about this is that Heather didn't get to go with you. Other than that, looks awesome!

  2. wow! looks like a fancy filled fun trip:)!! glad you got a break from work:)