Crafts That Will Blow You Away

A few things we've been up to...

Super Saturday.
 I'm on the R.S. committee, so I got to help out by making the poster, among other things. At the activity we made crochet flower hair bows (I didn't finish mine, as you can see below, since Molly was with me) and Temple blocks.

Regional Conference.
Our meetings were held in the Salt Lake Conference Center. I hadn't been to the conference center since 2000 when President Hinckley gave his talk on the 6 Be's. We were able to bring Molly, which was nice since you usually can't take children during conference. The talks were fantastic and it was fun to hear from Elder Bednar.

Work can be rough!...especially Rob's work. They took a few employees to a shooting range last Thursday. Rob loved it.

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