Next of (Pump)Kin

of kin
Likes to grin
She is round, Crawls the ground.
Orange hair         color, Like     Grandmother.
    Eyes aglow,            Little toes.         Missing teeth,
     Where's                     the                   Beef?       
From our seed, Grows like weeds. Sometimes whines
On the vine. Candle lit, Throws a fit. Cries at Pa,
His             last straw. Stems from        mess,
Molly's             best.   Patching             up,
Broken                                       cup.
Oh          my,        my
Sweetie Pie! -Rob

Last week we went to a pumpkin patch with our friends.
They also have a little girl just older than Molly.
 The kids loved the pumpkins.
  Although, they probably loved playing with each other more.
 It was very cute when Eliza put her arm around Molly.

 After the pumpkin patch, we headed over to our cousins to visit Brent, Rob's brother, who was in town. His cousins just moved into a beautiful house nearby us.
 Molly was up past her bedtime and fell asleep on the way home. I had to take a picture of her sleeping on Rob's shoulder since the only time she cuddles is when she's sleeping.


  1. I just had to show this to Jason. You're such a sweet dad, Rob. Awww. :)

  2. sooo sweet:) she needs to come play at my house:)

  3. You can tell her Dad loves her... not only from this post :) so sweet and awesome job on the pumpkin design!