A Perfect 10

Molly and I celebrated on Friday. Molly turned 10 months while I turned 29 (more on that to come).
Here are 10 things Molly's been up to in month 9.
1. Crawling.

2. Relaxing.
 Molly likes to kick back and put her feet up. We see people whispering, "look at that baby with her feet up!"  all the time when passing Molly in her stroller.
I also love how she crosses her ankles all the time. 
3. Reading... is one of her favorite past times these days. She loves the baby touch and feel books...
and checking out all the pictures.

4. Pounding on the piano.
 She finds the keyboard amazing and pushes every button she can reach. We bob our heads to the saxophone and drum sound and might even bust a move to the demo songs.

5. Eating.
Molly loves to eat and sure has no problem letting us know when she's hungry. She's really good about opening her mouth as wide as possible insuring a mouthful of yummy-ness

Molly's makeshift Bumbo-on-the-swiveling-computer chair. Has now been socked away. It only took her wiggling out and falling to the ground once for us to upgrade to a real high chair with a built-in seat belt. Molly may not be able to push off the table and spin round and round while eating her turkey and vegetable dinner, but dropping puffs and cheerios off the side of the highchair tray can be just as entertaining.

6. Babbling.
Molly's really verbal these days. Her favorite word is Dada and says it 80 % of the time. She's started to say Mama, but only when she's mad or hungry. It's no fair that Dad only sees Molly about 20 % of her day and is in her thoughts and words 80 % of the time... while Mom's always with Molly and she very stingy with her mama sounds. 

7. Exploring.
Molly sure loves to get into everything these days. You might find her opening the desk drawers, the oven drawer, and the bathroom cabinets. She loves pulling out books from the bookshelf and if she can sneak away from Mama long enough the trashcans are a gold mine. 

8. Standing.
Molly goes from sitting to standing quite often. We're in no rush for her to start walking, but she did stand by herself for 10 seconds straight the other day. I'm told my mom walked across the room at 8 1/2 months. I'm sure glad Molly's taking her time. I hear walking is a whole different ball game.

9. Brushing.
No teeth yet, but Molly loves brushing her gums. It's fun to watch her as she tries to brush like her mom. She can't get the hand motion down but she shakes her head back and forth instead. She hasn't been able to keep from slobbering and has a little waterfall flowing from the end of the brush.

10. Bathing.
Does this ever get old?

Molly's working on her wave. She waves to all her pictures around the house. And I even caught her waving to the people in the pew across from ours in church last Sunday.
She is getting more and more giggly. Baby laughs are the best! I can't get enough of hers.
Molly's current favorite song is Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree. She gets the biggest gummy grin when we sing it and she's working on the hand gestures as well.
I can't wait to see what month 10 brings!


  1. She is sooo adorable. I love seeing her in my headbands! Lol. Sorry I haven't sent any in awhile...its been a little busy! I love all the pictures!

  2. Nope! Never gets old! She's cute (her face, that is). :)

    My babies aren't into standing/walking. While Clara was pulling herself up on things, it took her a while to do it solo.

    Hazel loves to kick her feet up, she does it at restaurants too, pulls her foot out of the highchair and hoists it above the table.

  3. LUV her skinny jeans & little bootie shoes

    can't believe how grown up she is already- and as always she's soooooo adorable!!!

  4. Heather! I'm loving your sweet pictures of little Molly. Those baby moccasins are so cute! Happy birthday!

  5. She is just too cute and growing up too fast! I love seeing her grow and do new things. Thanks for keeping us updated. She is also soooo pretty I can hardly stand it!