They Say it's Your Birthday

I turned 29 last Friday. Conveniently it was Rob's rotation to work the Saturday shift, which meant we got to spend the whole day together. We decided to head up Big Cottonwood Canyon for a little hike around Silver Lake.

We decided that we'd also try to hike to Twin Falls. It was a pretty steep hike, I won't lie. But we didn't quite make it there. Carrying a 20 lb baby in a shoulder sling isn't super easy while your husband is suffering from altitude sickness and your baby is tired and hungry. So we did the hard part without reaping the benefit of enjoying the destination. But the exercise was good and it was beautiful.

We grabbed some lunch on the way home before I opened my gifts. I gave Rob a list of three things I wouldn't have minded getting for my B-day. I didn't expect that he would get me two things from my list!

I'd been eyeing this ring for the past 9 months...

and wanting some cute Toms. Both of these gifts I couldn't justify spending the money for so I was excited to get them for my B-day. Although, I do feel rather guilty that Rob spent the money for them. I haven't worn either yet, just in case I feel Rob was a little too generous. The fact that our Renter decided to up our rent by $50 a month isn't helping either.

My sister gave me this super cute dress. I LOVE IT!
 One day I'll stop nursing and be able to wear it.

She also threw in my favorite candy growing up, a Mamba. Rob topped off his gifts with a card to Best Buy and some ear phones for my iPod.

And Molly gave me a little laugh...
 and just makes me oh so happy!


  1. what a fantastic birthday! LOVE that ring...LOVE mambas...LOVE the Toms (Im a tom girl all the way!) and oh how I remember the nursing days when all I wore was "stretchable" or "unbuttonable" shirts. lol. The day I stopped nursing you better believe I wore a dress! ha. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Heather!! It looks like you had a great day.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Super cute shoes and ring.

    Here's what I learned in my 29th year: enjoy life a little, because in a few years, or even in a few months, you won't miss the money spent. Interpretation: KEEP YOUR PRESENTS AND ENJOY THEM. :) Seriously, I'm about as cheap as they come, so trust me on this one.

  4. my visiting teacher was just telling me about Silver lake last week. I really want to go soon.

    Your ring is so pretty. I love it. Keep your presents, you deserve them. Rob is so good to you!

    Also, I wanted to comment how I love how both of you blog. I think that's awesome.

  5. happy birthday again!! I want some Toms!! and your ring is beautiful:) you guys rock!! Enjoy your last "YOUNG" year:)

  6. happy belated birthday. the ring is lovely. I caught up on some of your posts since the nap post. Cool factoid- you raised pigs. Wow!? And your little molly is looking more and more like a daddy's girl :-)