My friend took off work to spend the day crafting it up with her stay-at-home-mom friends. We all met up and got down to business. It was fun... slightly hard getting everything done with little Molly not wanting to nap much.

I had way too many craft ideas, but narrowed it down to just 4.
On my adgenda was to make this wreath,

 this faux needlepoint,

this bow tie,
 (Molly was nice enough to model it off for me. One day I'll get this bow on a boy and rock his outfit.) 

and a really cute advent calander that we just couldn't finish. I guess we'll  have to get together again (wink wink) to finish.


  1. oh so cute! I swear...babies have a honed in alarm system built into their little minds..."don't nap when mom has things to do" lol.

  2. Yes! This was so fun. I haven't finished my wreath yet, but will soon. Your wreath turned out super cute :)

  3. love the wreath! it looks even better than the pinterest one! Molly looks pretty cute herself rockin the bowtie;) i love seeing all the things you create. you are very creative and crafty.

  4. wow! LOVE that wreath:)!! you are soooo talented & crafty:)

  5. Everything is sooo cute! I'm really diggin' the wreath!