Molly 11 months

Molly is now 11 months. She's learned some new tricks during month 10.
 She can stand for several seconds by herself and is cruising (walking while holding on to something or someone). On Sunday, during our primary class, she grabbed onto a child's chair and started using it like a walker. It was so funny and very distracting.
 She has even taken a few steps all by herself.
She likes to pretend things are a telephone, which I don't know how she picked up considering how little I talk on the phone.
 Speaking of talking, she has her own language and has quite a bit to say.
 Molly is obsessed with pushing anything with buttons... the remote, calculators, the computer, the one button on the Ipad.
It's not enough to just get a snack, but she wants to get the snack herself from the container without help. She's learned to drink independently. And still loves to get into cupboards and make messes.
She's started playing peekaboo and will fake laugh when she hears others laughing.

(Rob thought her skirt looked cuter on her head. Look at that flowing pink, lacy hair)
She arches her back when she's mad... especially when it's time for a diaper change, but she thinks reading a book during the dreaded deed is actually quite entertaining.


  1. Happy 11 months Molly! You're getting cuter by the minute!

  2. killer bunny- haha

    wow she's growing up so fast & of course always adorable:) you guys coming to AZ this holiday season? if so we must get together!!!

    love yours & rob costumes as well:)