Saturday we went to our ward trunk or treat party, dressed as a farmer, his wife, and a their little bunny rabbit.

We ate chilli and cornbread and there were all sorts of activities. We didn't see many other activities since I was in charge of taking all the photos and Rob was in charge of making sure the bunny didn't eat the garden.
On Monday, Rob dressed up for work. Can you guess what he was?
That's right... a 'Moving Target'. Or as he says... slow movin'.

Molly and I visited Rob at work on Monday. He loves showing her off to all his co-workers. We went out to lunch. When Molly got a hold of a plastic knife we started laughing. As a combo Molly looked more like a killer bunny.

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  1. Awesome! You guys are always so clever with Halloween costumes. I hope you wore your cowboy boots too. Molly is adorable!