Birthday Girls

We celebrated Molly's 1st birthday out in Roosevelt with family.
 We had some yummy lasagna soup and bread sticks for dinner.
 Then Molly opened her gifts.
 Since Molly and her Grandma Powell have birthdays one day apart, we surprised her Grandma for her birthday as well.  

Molly was so careful eating her cake. I think she was trying to pick off and eat the sprinkles. It wasn't until her cousin begged to help her grab a chunk of the cake that she got a little messy. She loved it so much she cried when we took it away.
You can see a video of Molly eating her cake here (I couldn't upload it to the post directly. I love how she opens her mouth really wide way before she's ready to put cake in it.)


  1. sooo cute:) Happy birthday adorable little Molly!! are you guys coming to AZ this month at all? let us know so we can plan something:)

  2. I was gonna say "sooo cute". I think I hang out with Beka too much. Ha.

    Cute though... and this makes me really excited for Hazel's birthday at the end of the month.

  3. She is so adorable! Happy Birthday Molly! What a dainty eater :)

  4. Molly sure is a pretty baby. She seems so soft and feminine too. All of her mannerisms seem so tender. I just love little girls!