Giving Thanks

We're a bit behind with the blogging. We've been out of town since Thanksgiving... and Molly and I are still not home yet. We've had a major holiday, a first birthday (with party), a 69th surprise birthday party, a couple of photo shoots, a vacation to Mexico, and a chance to watch my nieces and nephews for a few days.
We'll get to each of these events, but for now lets talk about Thanksgiving.
 Rob, Molly and I headed out to Roosevelt to spend the holiday with my two sisters, their families, and some of my sister's friends.
 It's always fun to be with family and dinner was so yummy!
We were all pretty full when it was time for pie, but that certainly didn't stop me from testing 4 of the 7 delicious pies.
Molly sure loved being around all her cousins. They make her laugh like crazy and she thinks they're so entertaining.
 The next morning I had a photo shoot with my sister Kimberly's Family. It was really foggy, with frost everywhere. Beautiful, but cold!
 Then that same afternoon I took Tiffany's family photos. The sun had come out, the fog disappeared, and the wind started blowing.

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