Snowbirds Go South

If you were to look at Heather's and my vacation schedules over the years, you would see a common trend that correlates with the changing weather patterns in Utah. This climatic occurrence drives us to pack up the car every December and cruise to Arizona like a couple of geriatric grandparents. This year we decided December was a little too late and Arizona was a little too close. So we decided to cruise to Cabo San Lucas instead of Arizona. We were led by the Carnival Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which we should do. (1 Nephi 4:6) Although we didn't have to build the boat, like Nephi, it took forever to get on it with the security, check-ins and delays we went through.
Four years ago, we went on a cruise for our honeymoon, but we didn't do many excursions while we were there. We promised ourselves we would do a lot more when we made it to port on our next one. It took about a day and a half to get to Cabo and the ride there was pretty uneventful, except for the hairiest back contest (sorry, no pics). We laid out, read a little, and ate some really great food. One of the tastiest dishes I ate was a steak salad that I had for lunch. Heather enjoyed the fruit cocktail, which she ordered as an starter for almost every meal.  

When we got to Cabo, I wanted to visit an old glass factory, but it had closed down. We decided to visit Los Arcos, which is the southern most point of the Baja Peninsula, and the most scenic part of Cabo. It is also where Lover's Beach is. On the cruise, they warn you not to take the water taxis because people have died trying to get off the boats, since there is no dock at Lover's Beach. But I really think it was a ploy from Carnival because the water taxis will charge you $10 a person, while booking through the cruise will cost you as much as $50 a pop. I guess we figured to risk losing our lives was better than losing an arm and a leg.  

Whoa...I think Heather's hand is a little too high on that leg. She blamed it on the waves. I think it was because I was cheating death by not fully fastening my life preserver. Although, that was probably a result of too much chocolate melting cake.

Below is Divorce Beach, which is on the other side of Lover's Beach. It's colder, rockier, and more than fifty percent of tourists ended up on this beach rather than Lover's.

This is me laughing in the face of danger and Heather, who told me to stay out of the dangerous water. There were signs everywhere warning of riptides, undercurrents, and dangerous whirlpools, like some general conference talk. And believe me when I say, the sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli. But, I didn't get too stupid and I know that when you don't listen to your wife that usually leads to divorce.

A beautiful sunset. A pirate ship. Waves crashing. Deserted beach. Enough said.

Our last day at Cabo, we went para-sailing and snorkeling. Para-sailing gave me the biggest wedgie of my life since I wasn't in the harness correctly (again, I'm sorry but no pics). In this picture, I look a little girlie with my legs crossed like Molly, although I do appear twice the size of Heather. We would have taken some snorkeling pictures, but we didn't have a waterproof camera.
This was only the first half of our cruise, but to tell you the truth, the second half we kind of got sick of it. Literally. While everyone in Utah was experiencing blowing chunks of debris, we just got the part about blowing chunks. Heather and I both got sea sick from the rough seas. But a least when we're tasting it twice it was high quality food. 


  1. Those sunset pictures are amazing.

    And the picture of you hang gliding is super funny because Rob does look twice the size of Heather. Ha!

    Rob, commentary eluding to barf is never poetic.

  2. now I know why Rob only writes some of the posts...haha Just Kidding. I love the commentary; it made me feel like I was on the cruise with you and those pics on the beach are so incredible. Great job Heather!!

  3. sooo i actually read this post a few days ago and laughed so hard i had to call Danny in to read- the parasailing pic & commentary DEF the best part:)

    glad you got away for a few days & had a great pic:)

    sooooo....you cruising to AZ this year:)? i think i need to hold that Molly

  4. ahahahaha.... My favorite part is about Heather's hand being too high!!! Made me laugh so much! I'm going to have to show Solon. You know he likes inappropriate stuff like that :)