Molly 14 Months

Our little Molly turned 14 months today!
 She is getting so BIG. In her 13th month, Molly has become very independent. Isn't it a little young for her to not want to hold Mama's hand walking around, or help eating? She's learned how to say, "NO!" and "OH NO!" and they've become her favorite words.
 We love all the funny facial expressions she makes.
 She's been a little cranky lately, but we think it's because she's finally teething. She got her first two teeth in on bottom ( at 11 and 12 months) and we just noticed Molly's two top teeth are coming in.
 She's learned how to color... on paper, on the fridge, on her face with a Sharpie.
 Molly goes bananas for bananas! She'll eat 2 whole ones in one sitting and she'd probably eat more if we let her. She's learned how to sign for them and we can't keep enough around.
 She knows how to use a baby fork and she's good and feeding herself. She's pretty much stopped nursing and is drinking cows milk fairly well.
 She gets creative playing around the house. I found her trying on all our shoes the other day.
 Her favorite past time is going for walks outside. Thank goodness this winter has been pretty mild. We like to get out at least once a day and she complains when it's time to go inside.
 I just can't believe how far she's come and how quickly she's growing. It's hard knowing she'll never go back to doing the things of the past, but it's so exciting seeing all the new things she learns and does.


  1. The far right picture of her with Sharpie on her face is fantastic.

  2. omg that coat! Can she be any cuter I mean really though?!

  3. Wow, you just about made it through nursing without any teeth? Lucky Duck! I love that trench coat! She's adorable.

  4. It's amazing how fast the first year goes. She is darling.

  5. Molly is so adorable:) I can't believe she is so big! I also think you are sooooo lucky to miss out on the teething while nursing fun. Glad you're feeling better.