Baby, Ruth's, and a Side of...

Have you ever seen Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network? Well Rob and I have been really into it lately. The meals always look amazing and knowing us we love good food. So we decided to try a couple places that were featured on the show and located in SLC.
Our first stop was Pat's Barbecue (thank you Steve for the Groupon). We tried the meatloaf Guy Fieri raved about and it was pretty delicious. (We also ran into Rob's older brother there, who was visiting from NYC. Totally random, yet so fun to bump into him.)
Our next stop was Ruth's diner. Triple D really talked up the biscuits, and since I'm not really a biscuit kind of gal, I wasn't expecting much. To my surprise they were warm, soft, fluffy, and fabulous. Rob had the biscuits and gravy, which he loved, and I had the corn beef hash, which I loved. We also loved that the diner was converted from an old trolley cart. It was fun and hip. 
 This past week my sister Tiffany came into town to hang out with Molly and me. It's always so fun to have Tiff in town. Her stay came and went way too fast. We spent most of our time shopping, eating, working out (to compensate for all the eating), and watching movies.
I picked up a pair of gray skinny jeans (I'd been really wanting some for quite some time), a hot pink belt, a pair of $70 dress pants from the Loft that I only paid $5.95 for, a chunky, braided, brown belt, also from the Loft that I only paid $2.44 (I scored big there), these super cute pillows,
 and a pair of baby sweat pants and this little top for Molly.

Molly tried her first ice cream cone at Ikea the other day. At first I was just letting her lick it while I held it safely in my hand, but soon enough she had her little paws all over it, spreading it all over her coat and face.
 Even though Molly doesn't have too much hair yet, what she does have is finally long enough to do into a 'doo.' She sported her first pigtails, and nowadays can often be seen with a little ponytail on top.
 Now that all the cupboards and drawers are baby proofed, Molly's been getting pretty creative with her play time. She likes to babble on our old ipod, like it's a phone, all day long. She loves the dishwasher...
 and the other day Molly went into my closet, pulled out a sneeker, took it to the front room and started putting all her blocks into it. I was completely oblivious to what she was up to until I came into the room to find this. It was so cute and I couldn't help but laugh at her cleverness. 
 Molly's been getting pretty independant these days. She loves to go for walks outside and refuses to hold Mama's hand. She's also been a little stinker at meal time. She doesn't want any help and refuses the food unless she can do it herself. I'm proud of her, but it makes feeding her a whole lot harder and much more messy.
 Bath time is always a favorite with Molly. She has a little Elmo book she loves to read over and over again.

 Rob was getting a kick out of squirting Molly with her bath toys. It was pretty funny seeing all her facial expressions.
 Oooh boy! I just can't get enough of this little girl.


  1. i was always curious about that show- never watched it- i get turned off by the bazillion reality shows there are- sounds good tho:)

    love reading about Molly-all the fun stages & her independence.... sounds & looks like a healthy normal ADORABLE little girl- lucky to have a mama keeps her dressed so Nice:)!!!

  2. Oh, the first pig tails. I still remember them from Clara. I'm afraid I'll be waiting much longer for Hazel to sprout hair enough for pig tails. :)

    That's a fun way to pick a place to eat.

  3. Molls is stinkin' cute! The boys keep asking when they can see her again. They said they wish she could come stay another week with us.